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Affacturage Canada Factoring Canada is a consulting firm providing factoring solutions with the purpose of explaining what factoring is, as well as offering this flexible financial tool to companies experiencing cash flow needs. This web site is mainly a source of informations on factoring and the president, Mr.Clément F. Paré, MBA, is a professionnal of the industry with over thirty years of expertise, you can view his profile on LinkedIn or on Twitter or contact us by email.

Having always worked in factoring, Mr. Paré has become over the years a specialist of this type of financing. The last job he had was provincial representative for one of the oldest factoring company in Canada with many offices in North America.

His work experience on the canadian and american markets provided him with an expertise with which he has become a reliable source for many people looking for cash flow. He his known for his quick and efficient analysis of the financial position of a file as well as giving an honest answer on the best possible solution. He is always looking to make sure that the transaction is strategic and beneficial to all parties involved.

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